the Knitting Monthly: a knitting community

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Each month you’ll get:

  • online access to and downloadable pdf’s of a featured technique(s)
  • a pattern supporting that technique- also available as a pdf for download
  • videos supporting both the technique(s) and project
  • forum access where you can ask questions and get help when you’re stuck.
  • an  added plus: coupons for the featured yarn of the month to use at wildflower’s shop, both physical and online.
  • oh, and a recipe, too!
  • We’ll have a physical meet-up each month for those that can make it, and skype appointments for those that can’t!

You might be wondering…

“Why should I bother?”

Confidence! You’ll gain knitting confidence with every step. In my experience as a shop owner , designer, and teacher helping and interacting with knitters, I see confidence as the number one stumbling block to the next step. Most new knitters just don’t give themselves enough credit!

Community! Yes, you’ll meet many wonderful new knitters and develop friendships you’ll cherish. I see it happen every day! Bonds are formed by like-minded people. In the shop I’ve often witnessed first time meet-ups planned by knitters getting together after meeting online.

Still not sure it’s right for you?

There’s nothing to lose! And lots to gain!


If you already know you’re ready to join the Knitting Monthly membership site, go to the pricing page now.


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