the Knitting Monthly: FAQ’s


I just learned to knit. Will the Knitting Monthly be too hard for me?

You’ll continue to learn to knit with confidence and can get help at any time through the forums or direct contact. We’ll have a video library you can reference whenever you’d like showing the basic how-to-knit steps. You’ll also receive pattern support with help through the forums and skype.

Will there be discounts for the yarn required in the projects?

Yes, just as a coupon was provided for the waving fingers scarf , coupons will be provided for each project. The hitch is you’ll have to purchase from the shop or online through the shop. I don’t have a way to provide you a discount anywhere else.

What kind of techniques and projects will you cover?

I’ve been taking notes on suggestions for topics all year long. Those most resonate (for starters) were various ways to cast on (and why and when they would be used) plus bind off techniques. We could probably fill 2 years with cast ons alone, but the cast on itself won’t be the only focus. Other techniques will be incorporated each month, too. Smaller projects were suggested for starters. Cowls and neck scarves, shawls were mentioned several times.

How will you decide on the techniques?

Honestly? Through feedback from you all. I’m constantly searching for new ideas. And you have a say in the topics that are chosen. I don’t have the entire year planned out; I’ll be watching the knitting world to see what’s popular and take it from there. Speak up at any time if you have a suggestion. I should mention here that I’ve also started a facebook page for the Knitting Monthly and if that’s easier for you, post your suggestions there! And while you’re there, don’t forget to click that little “like” button!

What kind of projects will we be doing?

In a short description: do-able!
I’m not saying simple in every case, but I’m hoping you’ll find the projects to be enticing and small enough to complete each month.

Will there be larger projects?

Not monthly, but I’ve already been listening to some great suggestions involving more complex projects in a knit-along status! Great idea, yes? We can have one larger project every 3 or 4 or 6 months and treat it like a knit-along.

Why should I pay for patterns when I can get them free online?

That’s true, many patterns are available online. If you’re just looking for patterns, then this probably isn’t the program for you. The Knitting Monthly is much more than just a pattern resource. Think of each month as another class you are taking. Remember, every month you’ll be given a new pattern and technique with access to a forum for discussion and help, a pdf you can download and print out and a video you can watch at any time.

But I just don’t know if it’s for “me”?

The way I see it, the Knitting Monthly is for everyone! It’s for new knitter’s with a quest to learn and more experienced knitter’s eager to share- and everyone in between!

How do I sign up?

You can join the Knitting Monthly here!

Do I have to sign up for the whole year?

No, you don’t. You can sign up for one month at a time, quarterly, or annually. Of course, the best pricing will be annually.

What if I sign up for a year and don’t like it?

You’ll have the option to cancel with a full refund within 30 days of signing up (the 30 day guarantee!)

You’ll gain a sense of accomplishment and confidence in your knitting abilities!

I hope this has helped to clarify any questions you may have had!


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