the Knitting Monthly: Stitch Patterns corner

I love to try out different stitch patterns. I actually really, really love to swatch! If I could do anything at all on my next day off it would be to bring home five or six new yarns and swatch away the day.

knitted swatches

My method varies, but most of the time I lay out the yarns in front of me, gather some of my favorite stitch pattern books and leaf through the pages, one by one, until I see something that jumps out at me.  It’s not unlike looking through favorite cookbooks.

I mark pages with sticky notes when I see something I want to come back to and then… I swatch and swatch and swatch.

One type of stitch pattern I love is the twisted stitch. Think of it like a tiny, little one-stitch cable. Wonderful movement  can be created with crisp vertical lines. An example of two I have used in designs are swinging vines and branching ribs. One I keep coming back to time after time is the ricrac rib. Here’s the ricrac rib pattern for you to download showing a swatch and stitch pattern directions.

The “stitch pattern corner” is a partial sampling of what you can expect in the Knitting Monthly content. Each month you will receive a pdf featuring a new stitch pattern or technique along with a supporting video. I’ll be sending you a sample of the video in a later message. If you have trouble understanding the stitch, you can refer to the video when it comes and try it again!

The biggest problems I see in the shop are due to knitters’ uncertainty. Maybe it’s how to work a technique, maybe it’s whether it’s being correctly done, or maybe a fear of trying and failing. In most instances it boils down to lack of confidence or support.

In the Knitting Monthly, you’ll gain the confidence to keep going and the support to try new things.

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