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I’m finding it much easier to write these messages on my website than in an email template.

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I go to a couple shows a year to keep current on the latest knitting trends. I subscribe to print magazines, too, and have for years, and I still love leafing through the pages, especially when I’m just too tired to do anything else!

But there are soooo many cool sources online now.
One of my favorite places is It’s an incredible site; I go straight for the runway shows and trends section.You can sign up for an account and have your own “lookbook” to keep track of inspiring trends. What I like to do is pin those of interest to my various boards on pinterest. I was thrilled to see that they have added pin it! buttons to the slideshows, making it way easy! (I used to have to save the image to my lookbook, then go back into the lookbook and pin from there, kinda klunky.)

Here are a few designers I always like to look at:

I warn you, it’s an addictive site!
If you just don’t have time for another addiction in your life, you can find the inspiration from the Knitting Monthly

A big part of Knitting Monthly will be the forums.
We’ll have a special section for trend spotting, current trends along with design tips each month. The techniques and patterns of the month will supplement them when possible. There will also be a section for design for those that are interested in taking the technique to the next level. I’ll be checking in to help so you can think of it like a free ongoing design class, too!

In the last email I ended with a link you could click on to learn more about me. It seems important that you know what to expect if you sign on for this. The about page on my website sends you to various links, so I’ve included that link here again. Check out my patterns. If you see one you’d like to knit, use the coupon below on my website or ravelry.

Oh, and by the way, if you’ve done that already you’ve probably noticed I really kind of suck at coming up with names for my designs. Any suggestions are always welcome!

use coupon code design

use it at ravelry or wildflowerknits

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