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I’m Kennita Tully, knitwear designer and previous yarn shop owner.

I never thought I would own a yarn shop; it was never my dream. My true love is in the designing! I’ll admit it was a challenge to manage both. For this reason, I made the decision to close the shop this fall.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of my designs, they are available on my own website, through ravelry, and patternfish. In addition, I work freelance for yarn companies and magazines. My designs have most recently appeared in Knitter’s Magazine, Creative Knitting and KnitSimple.

My first book, “Easy Open Work Knit Tops” published by Annie’s Publishing, came out last year. Putting together a collection of designs in a book format has led me to explore e-publishing. My next book, “Tuscan Knits” includes seven designs – all with Tahki yarns- and will be available early January 2014.

In addition to a busy design schedule, I also teach classes on an ongoing basis.  Knitting Monthly, a membership site, is ongoing and a program near and dear to my heart. The Design Workshop was first offered in June 2013 and plans are in the works for another one in early 2014. The sweater workshop and bring your own project have both been popular and a lot of fun for building skills and learning from others.  Sadly, these workshops have ended with the shop’s closing, but I’m currently exploring options to continue the workshops in another location.

You can find me on the web in various places as wildflowerknits:

on facebook, twitter, pinterest, ravelry, and  also recently joined google+ (but I haven’t done much there yet- kind of embarrassing!).

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  1. kate moore says:

    I am hoping that there are crochet lessons available through/at your shop ro that, in the absence of that, you will be able to put me in touch with a class in Manhattan.

    I knew the basic stitches years ago, but my muscle memory appears to have failed me and I never went beyond those basics anyway. I would like to get back to it. I teach, so I am limited by school hours, and I am hoping for something for this summer to get going.

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Kate Moore

    • kennita says:

      Hi Kate,
      We have a beginning class on crochet this summer. Is that what you’re looking for? It’s in the evenings and I think the next one starts July 22nd. Here’s the link to register.
      Hope that helps. If you’re looking for something more, just email me (kennita@wildflowerknits.com) and we can work something out.

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