Cast On, Bind Off! Garter Stitch Can Be Fun!

I can think of lots of ways to make garter stitch more fun!

Here’s a cute little summer scarf idea for starters:

waving fingers scarf in kudo yarn from Plymouth yarns

waving fingers scarf

The scarf shown here was knit with Kudo from Plymouth Yarn Co. It’s gotten a lot of attention in the shop. It’s fun to work with because of its self-striping qualities, but also because of its fiber content: silk, rayon, and cotton.

It’s a “one-ball” project and will give the new knitter lots of practice with casting on and binding off. Even the experienced knitter will enjoy the addictive quality of this pattern while the yarn keeps it entertaining with all the color changes!

So try it out!

Waving Fingers Scarf

With size US6 knitting needles, cast on 24 stitches.

Knit 5 rows.

Bind off row: Bind off first 10 stitches, knit across.

Cast on row: Knit across all stitches, cast on 10 stitches.

Knit 6 more rows, then repeat bind off and cast on rows again.

Continue until it looks like you won’t make it to another repeat.

Bind off all stitches on the next bind off row.

Our scarf has 72 repeats; I just counted to be sure!

For those that might need a little variety, try changing the number of stitches you cast on after the bind offs. I would probably keep the straight (14 stitches) section consistent, but – hey- that’s up to you.

Make it artsy!

And send me pictures!

If you’re wondering what cast on to use,  I used long tail to cast on initially, then a cable cast on for the cast on rows in the pattern. Even good ‘ole e-loop will work if you’re good at it. I say this only because it can be a little loosey goosey if you’re just learning it. A lot of experienced knitters seem to frown on the e-loop cast on, but it was the only one I knew for years and it really can look great!

Got any other garter stitch (simple or otherwise, but always fun!)  projects you’d like to share?

Leave a comment and share your ideas!




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  1. I have loved this scarf every since I saw it in the shop. It is on my list of projects. I love garter stitch because it allows you to watch TV or read a book ( on my Kindle) while I knit.

  2. Judy Hedman says:

    This scarf always brings a comment when people see it. It is fun but best of all is the Kudo yarn. I love it and have used it for a couple of projects, it washes and wears very well.

  3. I’m going to love making this scarf for my daughter…it’s very much like she is, whimsical and free flowing. The Kudo yarn totally makes this scarf and I just cana’t see it any other yarn.

  4. Oh this is such a cute scarf and I think even I could follow your fun pattern. Thank you. :)

  5. Love this scarf!!!


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