Designing Knitwear

Have you ever knit a sweater and didn’t like how it fit? Have you looked at patterns and wanted to change the shaping, the sleeves, the neckline? Or maybe you have a sweater that you’d like to replicate.


Then this workshop is designed with YOU in mind!

taught by Kennita Tully

April 26-27, 2014

The focus of this workshop is on Designing Knitwear.

Classes are held Saturday morning, afternoon, Sunday morning and afternoon. Although each can be taken individually, it’s strongly advised you sign up for the entire workshop. Here’s an overview of the classes:

  • Sat morning: The Design Processhow does it begin, where do you start? In this introduction to the design process, Kennita will take you through the steps from start to finish. Experience the process from inspiration to knitwear design through examples of featured stitch patterns and sweaters. Students will be exposed to an array of choices including yarn, stitch pattern selection, ease, silhouette, and finishing details.
  • Sat afternoon: Yarn and Stitch Pattern Selection- matching concept to reality. The afternoon session will focus on the importance of swatching and gauge. Various examples will be given of the effect yarn and stitch patterns have on the final outcome of a design. Students will work on a gauge swatch while deciding on the details of design. Design considerations such as ease, silhouette and sleeve styles will be discussed while you work on swatching your chosen stitch pattern and yarn. The latter part of the class will be focused on fit and measuring.
  • Sun morning: Math and Measuring- the numbers game. With finished swatch in hand, we’ll dig into the math! This hands on session will focus primarily on shaping techniques in relation to the silhouette and how to apply the numbers. Further discussion of the various style considerations, including finishing techniques and one-on-one consultations will complete the morning session.
  • Sun afternoon: Putting it all Together- drafting the pattern. Schematics are a designer’s best friend. Kennita will share her “pattern writing shorthand” and how to apply it to each design. Tips on writing the final pattern, keeping a design notebook, blocking and other detail-oriented techniques will be discussed.

Because Kennita has been a designer long before a yarn shop owner, you will benefit from her years of experience working both freelance with publishing companies as well as self-publishing her own line of patterns.

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We’ll also have an opening reception in Kennita’s new studio Friday evening. The entire workshop is tentatively planned to be held in the studio, but in the event building plans are delayed, we will have it in a local Manhattan hotel.

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